Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The power of Noni (Morinda Citrifolia)

Did you know what it is Noni.??? ... Noni is a plant that all parts can be utilized for the health of our bodies, grab or as a drug ancient roots, stems, and leaves of Noni been used. Its roots can treat tetanus, convulsions, normalize blood pressure, tonic, and fevers.  Bark can cure malaria, tonic, antiseptic skin or swelling deflates.  The leaves can be used as a cure respiratory disorders, inflammation of the lining of joints, and convulsions.  And the fruit can be used as a cure for cancer, hypertension, and as a mixture of other drugs. Typically made of Noni herbal medicine for body care. 
But lately the fruit is often used as a medicine or herbal medicine. For example, for hypertension.  Most people take a bit of rotten fruit to take water, then mixed with honey, and drink every morning before breakfast.  Then to overcome the jaundice use 2 pieces of Noni fruit that rather rot and take water, then mix it with a sugar cube or honey. Then drink it twice a week.  Noni can also be used as a nutritious herbal improving blood circulation, relieve stiff, warm the body and improve digestion.
Herbal medicine made from Noni fruit, galangal, tamarind, and sugar. This herbal drink from generation to generation since the days of our ancestors, this suggests that the Noni fruit and herbal medicine
While the ripe Noni fruit can change the skin scaly and cracked heels a smooth back-rub rub manner.
Many benefits of Noni plants. These plants originated from Southeast Asia, then spread to Polynesia (Hawaii)
and there the benefits of these plants developed more intensively with more advanced technology.

- Content of Noni
Noni leaves and is one of the nutritional content of food by complete. In addition to nutritious substances such as vitamins, protein, and minerals, Noni also contains proxeroine, xeroine, lysine, sodium, natural steroids, fellanine, kaproat acid, magnesium, etc. Nutritious substances in addition there is also an antibacterial substance that can kill Protens morganii, S.typhii (causes typhoid), Escherichia ecoli (causes diarrhea), and bacterial diseases. Scopoletin compound there is lots of Noni than besifat, anti bacterial, allergenic, and anti-inflammatory, also can boost the immune system (immunomodulators).

- Noni as Drug of Cancer
The use of Noni as a cure for cancer in recent years more and more popular with more advanced technology and research.
Noni contains scopoletin which plants can activate lymphocytes as well as killing cancer cells limforma.
other than that Noni has 150 netraceutical, five of which are anticancer agents.

  1. Damnacanthal, antharaquinon kind of work to inhibit the growth of malignant cells, and stop the blood flow to tumor tissue, thus stopping its development.
  2. Polysaccharides, these substances are widely available in Noni and work to prevent the attachment of cells damaged / moved to another cell, thus preventing mnetastase.
  3. Epigollocatechin gallete (EGCg). Flavonoid antioxidant polyphenols are also found in Noni to prevent mutations and cell suicide in abnormal cells.
  4. Proxeronine also found in Noni with a relatively large amount. the intestine is converted to xeroine proxeroine. Xeroine produced in limited quantities and required to activate cell protein before use in the body's chemical processes. Xeroine can also improve the structure and function to normalize the body's cells are damaged.
  5. Terpenoids in Noni may prevent malignant cell division and induces of them dalah limonene. these substances may prove effective against breast cancer, liver, lung, and leukemia.
But beside the benefits of Noni are so many impressive and there is a negative side or obstacles in the aroma of fruit odorsThis smell is caused by capric acid and kaproat <$2Fspan>there is lots of ripe noni. most people mix it with honey or brown sugar. Into Noni juice or herbs are then stored in a glass / glass bottles for 2-4 days to reduce the smell.  Benefits of Noni in the process was not optimal because kaproat acid and capric acid is reduced.
Side effects of Noni has not been found. but people with kidney failure should be careful to consume because of too high levels of potassium Noni.

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