Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The power of Noni (Morinda Citrifolia)

Did you know what it is Noni.??? ... Noni is a plant that all parts can be utilized for the health of our bodies, grab or as a drug ancient roots, stems, and leaves of Noni been used. Its roots can treat tetanus, convulsions, normalize blood pressure, tonic, and fevers.  Bark can cure malaria, tonic, antiseptic skin or swelling deflates.  The leaves can be used as a cure respiratory disorders, inflammation of the lining of joints, and convulsions.  And the fruit can be used as a cure for cancer, hypertension, and as a mixture of other drugs. Typically made of Noni herbal medicine for body care. 

Monday, March 5, 2012


HIV / AIDS, you probably already know about this one disease, but most of you are not yet understood in detail about the disease.Yeah, I'll explain to you in detail about the HIV / AIDS.

- What is HIV / AIDS?
HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is a virus that attacks the immune system.  This virus continues to spread and multiply quickly. thus causing a weakened immune even against the virus was no longer able to enters our body.Consequently the body susceptible to disease. (THE VIRUS)

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Stroke - Cerebrovascular Accident

Stroke, What is that?
Stroke disease is a disorder of brain function due to blood flow to the brain is impaired (reduced). 
As a result, nutrients and oxygen the brain needs not met properly. There are two kinds causes of stroke, the presence of blockages in blood vessels (thrombus), and the presence of a ruptured blood vessel.
Generally the stroke suffered by the elderly, because of the aging process causes hardening and narrowing of blood vessels (arteriosclerosis) and the fat that clogs the arteries (atherosclerosis). 
But some recent cases show an increase in cases of stroke that occurs in adolescence and the reproductive age (15-40 years). At this class, the leading cause of stroke is stress, drug abuse, alcohol, heredity, and an unhealthy lifestyle.

Monday, February 27, 2012

4 Ways to Lost Weight Fast

Many people looking for ways to lose weight fast naturally.  Many way has been done, but no one successfully.  many people desperate becouse of it.  And here,  I have ways that maybe can make your weight decreases fast naturally.  That is:

-Do Some Basic Exercise

Exercise is a great thing and something that your body needs. Not only will it help you lose weight fast naturally, it will also help you to build up your muscle and live longer. Just 30 minutes, five times a day is all you need to become healthier and you do not need to do all of that in one go. Take your time to build up slowly and constantly make changes to your exercise regime so your body does not get used to it.